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Patricia Simelane believes in  diversity

Patricia Simelane believes in diversity

Patricia believes that investing in different agri...

Thulisile ready for the crown in 2017

Thulisile ready for the crown in 2017

Born 42 years in Mahlangatsha, outside Mankayane, ...

Nompumelelo becomes a success through bee-keeping

Nompumelelo becomes a success through bee-keeping

Seeing her husband Makhosini (48) making a few not...

Life skills for Ntfonjeni National High residents

Life skills for Ntfonjeni National High residents

Pre-Vocational studies were introduced in 2002 in ...


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Nompumelelo becomes a success through bee-keeping

Seeing her husband Makhosini (48) making a few notes through selling honey, she then decided to take it to another level when she started with two boxes. Now she boasts of over 200 boxes littered in all the forests in northern Hhohho people next to Peak Timbers. Immediately after selling produce from her two boxes she then decided to equip herself with knowledge. A few year later, Nompumelelo was taken to another workshop at Lutheran Farmers Training Centre and upon return each person was given 16 boxes. 

It came as no surprise when she left her family to spend a week long training workshop that was sponsored by Eswatini Kitchen at the Manyonaneni Training Centre in Big Bend. Before going to the workshop she had just made about E1000 from her initial two boxes of honey. 

Upon return from the week long workshop, it seemed like she was stung by the swarm of bees and that made her to work even harder. Imparted knowledge was put into good use when she came back through making one box all by herself without even the help of her husband. Since she was hungry for success, Nompumelelo wanted to excel like her name to live up to the meaning of her name translated to mean that. 

Looking back to 2005 when she started, she has seen her business growing by leaps and bounds and thanks to the able hands of her husband who then decided to assist her with carpentry and driving her around to get strategic places where their boxes could be placed. The journey was not a stroll on the park but she persevered to do even better every season. Dry spell has not only affected farmers engaged in livestock production and crop production but it has dealt her business a heavy blow when her produce was greatly affected. She disclosed that during a good season she is able to harvest her honey combs twice a year. The previous year was the worst she since she started to specialise on honey production. Thugs are also a menace to her business because people sometimes help themselves to her boxes. To show that she was in serious business her boxes a marked so that she can easily see if strangers have decided to take it without his consent. 

Raising honey is not different to raising pigs because her bees know the time she normally visits them and her scent. She did hide that visiting her swarm unannounced can lead to a catastrophe because she can be stung by her own animals. In order not offend her bees she uses a smoker so that her bees do not sting her family members. 

Since her work requires a lot of travelling she has taught all their children how to make good money out of pollen and what others may regard as a scary business venture. Winning the woman farmer means she has to double her efforts so that she is voted as the best woman farmer for 2017. Serious money has been invested on tools like a jacket bailer, industrial table saw, processing machine where they sift the honey to get the best out of the honey combs, sifting and a jacket bailer just to name a few. 

If not busy with her honey business, she spends her time assisting community people who want to make money out of the honey business. Like every Swazi farmer she has over 40 indigenous chickens that she is raising getting ready to take on the person that got position two. She acknowledged that she was defeated by a small margin by Thulisile of Siphofaneni. 

Her desire is to export honey to world markets but for now she wants to satisfy the huge demand from local customers. Once that has been achieved she will surely take the world by storm and anyone who will undermine her will do it at his or her own peril. Nompumelelo is a member of bee keepers association from the Hhohho region but she was disappointed with the lack of interest from some members. 

She disclosed that at one stage Imphalo Multi-Purpose had over 100 members but now very few members are still active with activities of the association but of late some have developed interest after they heard that she won big just because of a bee keeping project.

Among the items that Nompumelelo has achieved was a truck load of planks and nails that have given her zeal to excel in everything that she does. 


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